Desoldering braid

Een andere afbeelding melden Meld de aanstootgevende afbeelding. Professionals and DIYers alike trust iFixit tools to get . Cut off and discard the used wick. Techspray desoldering braid is available in static dissipative bobbins (except where indicated) for static sensitive environments.

Techspray NoClean wick does not leave behind ionic flux residues that can collect and form branches called “dendrites”.

Other fluxes, if not cleaned properly,. Does anyone have any desoldering braid suggestions or anything to. Choose from braids and wicks. Desoldering braid removes solder quickly and easily. Place the cold braid end on the solder that is to be removed.

Remove the braid and the hot iron at the same . Used along with the solder sucker to clean up soldering messes.

Wick really comes in handy when soldering or desoldering surface-mount parts. No-clean and static-free desoldering wick available. Available from these sellers.

See more product details . Removes solder from connections quickly and easily. Just press onto solder connection with hot iron and the solder wicks up to the braid. Chemicals Super WickTM desoldering braidsare made of clean,. High quality desoldering braid with unique, no clean flux.

Pure oxygen free copper wire. Most desoldering braids already have powdered flux distributed on the fine copper . Shop with confidence on eBay! There are fancier ways to get rid of excess solder.

Is it in the basement with my soldering kit? Flux is normally added to help the solder flow from where it is not supposed to be (the jumper) to the wick. Hence, solder wick is sometimes called desolder braid.

A convenient and quick way to desolder.

Simple, one handed operation dispenses, positions and cuts off braid. Rotate thumb wheel to advance or retract braid , . Faster thermal transmission for superior performance at lower temperature and with lower wattage soldering irons.

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