Ferrofluid clock

Watch time come alive on the ever changing face of the ferrofluid clock. Controlled by an intelligent internal system that is accessible via a web browser. Ferrolic – Most amazing Clock ever ( Ferrofluid clock ) Website: – http://www.

Ferrolic was designed from a strong fascination for the magical material Ferro Fluid. The natural dynamics of this fluid makes that this display bridges the gap . This crazy clock uses ferro fluid to create a mesmerizing animation of numbers seeming to come together from blob like creatures moving around in glass. Deze wonderlijke klok is gevuld met zogeheten ferrofluid , vloeibaar metaal dat reageert op magneten.

Met behulp van achter een glasplaat verborgen . To date it’s really only been used in mesmerizing desk toys, but Zelf Koelma has found a way to manipulate the material into an animated clock. OZ) Bottle; Item is Glass; This Item allows you to safely and easily play with Ferrofluid ; Produce unique patterns, shapes, and . When these electromagnetic zones are selectively switched on to form the clock’s individual digits, the ferrofluid follows and settles into pools .

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