Filter media

There seems to be an endless variety of filter media options, and. Losse filtermedia of biomedia worden veel gebruikt in vijverfilters voor een goede biologische filtering. Lees hier alles over de verschillende soorten.

Choose from our great selection of filter media to maintain or enhance . EHEIM filter media – highly efficient, developed in our own laboratory, produced from the only the best raw materials, continuously checked and guaranteed free . Er bestaan verschillende soorten filtermedia voor in het zandfiltervat: filterzan filterglas, glasparels en polyethyleen bollen.

They keep the nitrogen cycle going and help keep your tank inhabitants healthy. Filterzand is het meest gebruikte . BIOHOME FILTER MEDIA , FILTER UPGRADE KITS. A product portfolio with more than 0standard and specialised filters. Delbag air filters cover all areas of application in which pollutants . De filtermedia zijn verkrijgbaar in losse matten en complete rollen waarbij eenvoudig zelf de juiste maten afgesneden kunnen worden.

Sand and Gravel is ideal for filtration of seawater, potable water, . Speciaal glas voor zandfilters en zandfiltersystemen.

De juiste bacteriën in poreus keramiek: altijd perfecte waterkwaliteit. At one time solvent-based polyvinyl acetate was used for automotive air intake filter media. The largest use of phenolic filter media are for automotive engine oil. Items – Choose the right aquarium filtration for your tank, including filter types, media and pumps. Shop PetSmart for the latest in fish tank filtration and . Want to buy spare aquarium filter foams and media online?

Browse our range of sponges, foams, bio-balls and more from just £2. GLAFOAM KOI FILTER MEDIA LITER. Een filtermateriaal wat eigenlijk een stap terug is in de richting van het filtermateriaal anno . Biologische filtermedia is er in alle soorten en maten, van kunststof tot keramisch.

Het relatieve aanhechtingsoppervlak voor bacterien geeft de effectiviteit aan. A multi media filter is used to reduce the level of suspended solids (turbidity) in process water. Suspended solids can consist of small particles such as silt, clay,. Broad range of special filtration media made of both synthetic and glass fibres for both prefiltering and main filtration in ventilation and air . Home Delivery Collect in-store.

Do you want to know more about the many different options available to you when choosing the right type of filter media for one of these popular filters? BSG offers an assortment of various grades of filter media including low-iron diatomite, perlite and filter sheets to allow for the fine tuning of your filtration solution .

From classification to performance date to practical selection tables.

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