Hbm load cell

HBM is the Global Market Leader in Load Cells and Sensors for Load Measurement. Thousands of customers worldwide rely on HBM Load Cells. Based on HBM strain gauge technology, Digital load cells provide a new impetus for the areas of dynamic weighing, sorting, filling and dosing. HBM single point load cells have been designed such that their excellent properties can be optimally used in a wide range of applications. Als wereldwijde technologie- en marktleider, biedt HBM producten voor de complete meetketen:.

Load Cells Allow Picking Tomatoes by App at Meer Camp. Tension and compression load cells from HBM are especially suitable for use in tank weighing, plant engineering and process weighing. In bijna alle sectoren waar goederen geproduceer verwerkt of gecontroleerd worden zijn HBM’s buigstaafopnemers en weegcomponenten aanwezig.

HBM Force Sensors and Force Transducers with strain gauge or piezo technology measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive loads. HBM provides a wide range of load cells , strain gauges and transducers. Sensors Transducers.

HBM strain gauges (stress gauges) for all . Small displacement, high natural frequency: The PW2D single point load cell is the right choice for dynamic weighing. The PW4M is a strain gauge-based single point load cell that comes with a test certificate and weighs mass of up to kg with precision. The precise Zbending beam load cell , developed by HBM in 197 has been continuously optimized for decades. Zis based on the strain gauge technology.

HBM offers self-centering canister load cells with a legal for trade accuracy of up to 50divisions. Available with IPdegree of protection. The robust design and the noise insensitive 6-wire technique of the load cell make it fit for use in many different applications. With the new FIT7A digital load cell from HBM , you benefit from a solution that drives the heartbeat of your dynamic weighing systems.

The C2A load cell from HBM is available with maximum capacities from 1t up to 10t. It is distinguished by its OIML Rcompliance and its low profile. The stainless steel Cload cell is available with maximum capacities from kg to t and accuracies of 0. The robust load cell is distinguished by . Be it load direction, support structure or mounting aids – load application on load cells is influenced by multiple factors.

Dynamic and immediately ready for use: U9C is HBM’s cost-effective miniature force load cell for compressive and tensile forces.

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