Profinet cable

Greater flexibility due to configuring the optimum cable length with the right . With optimally matched components, . PROFINET cables , connectors and devices. The cables are capable of torsion and can be used in high speeds and . Plastic housings with good resistance against chemicals and oils.

Industrial Ethernet cable Cat. Profinet Compliant Cables. Limited quantities available. Authorized North America Distributor Stamp. Indicates length in meters.

Currently, RJindustrial connectors with axial and 90°-angled cable outlets are available. Overview of optical PROFIBUS bus cables. Regular Ethernet cable and .

Female panel mount connector, PG. Jacket Material (Inner Jacket). PROFIsafe messages use standard fieldbus cables and messages. Suitable for drag chain applications.

Cat 5e Transmission Performance. Fully bite resistant – with rodent protection. An excellent pocket size tool for speeding up the assembly of the cable. It removes the sheath and exposes the shielding with the exact length for the required . To fulfill industrial requirements, the industrial installation has to work in industrial environments. Communication between automation equipment and computer systems within factories and production machinery.

Louis, Missouri – July Belden, Inc. All data given are in line with the actual state of art and therefore not binding. HARTING reserves the right. Shopping Cart no products.

The connector must not be connected or separated under load. Non-observance and incorrect use can result in personal injury. Msocket, straight, one free cable en deutsch .

This type of Ethernet cable will support response times of less than 1 . Network Communication Option. It connects devices, systems, and cells, facilitating faster, . Installing the Option Module.

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