De opkomst van nieuwe technologieën op het gebied van wet- en regelgeving – RegTech – biedt financiële dienstverleners steeds meer . As with its bigger brother FinTech, the definition of RegTech will mean . Regulatory technology, also known as RegTech , a subclass of FinTech, is using technology, particularly information technology, in the context of regulatory . Er komen steeds meer oplossingen beschikbaar. BY HENRI ARSLANIAN- RegTech is the use of new technologies to address compliance and regulatory challenges not only more efficiently but . Here are the UK RegTech startups helping banks and businesses stay on the right side of regulators.

But what exactly is Regulatory . Regtech report encourages regulators to innovate and US to participate more in fintech-aided compliance. Neil Ainger, fintech correspondent at . Institute of International Finance, “ Regtech : exploring solutions for regulatory . RegTech applies to new technologies developed to help overcome regulatory challenges in financial services. The International RegTech Association (IRTA) exists to ease and accelerate the evolution of RegTech.

We drive innovation, and we facilitate integration and . This CTO Corner discusses how RegTech differs from past investment in regulation technology, and the opportunities and issues it presents. Home of the RegTech Forum.

A global community from across the markets – delivering meaningful introductions, creating opinions that influence and enabling . So, it is easy to imagine what the purpose of . The regtech firms to watch. The Innovation Hub has expanded to assist regtech businesses focused on the delivery of regulatory requirements more efficiently . And what difference does it . Advice RegTech SAMI Surveillance and Monitoring Intelligence compliance software analytics insight. Harness the AI capabilities of Watson and the regulatory expertise of Promontory to transform your risk and compliance management. Financial Advice compliance software for SoA Best . Learn How to Make RegTech Work for Your Organisation.

Welcome to the world of regulation technology or “ RegTech ”. The term itself is an amalgamation of Regulation and Technology and has taken off since former . The first globally crowd-sourced book about Innovation in the Regulatory Technology Sector. As an expert for regulatory reporting, it is our goal to assist you with solutions and advice in this environment. Quarterly market overview of all Swiss RegTech start-ups divided into areas of activity and incumbents by Swisscom. Join us at the Mezzanine on June 14th for this exclusive briefing to hear senior practitioners and experts discuss the latest developments in . Real-life RegTech applications to streamline regulatory compliance, bring innovative products to market, and benefit consumers. According to statistics from CB Insights, RegTech startups have raised approximately $2.

Gebruik regtech geeft banken concurrentievoordeel.

Regelgeving en technologie zijn megatrends die disruptief kunnen zijn voor banken.

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