Wire to wire connectors

Pitch Disconnectable Crimp Style. Connector Kits at Farnell element14. By adding CZ and CZW connectors , more . These connectors are based on industry proven IDC, Crimpe and Poke-Home contact technologies. Some of the typical features include latching, water .

Browse our Computer Products, Electronic . Wire-to-wire connectors are used to connect two wire terminated connectors. From industry standard to application specific connectors, your connector solution . Discrete wire cable assemblies and components with pitch availability from 0. Broad selection of bodies, . Amphenol ICC features an eclectic suite of Wire to Board (WTB) connectors designed for datacom, POS, and medical applications. This is Kyocera Electronic Components site.

We offer broad range of passive electronic components . M wire-to-wire solutions are part of the range of of Mini Clamp and Power Clamp rapid termination IDC connectors designed to meet the quick assembly, . Phoenix Contact now offers miniature wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors that lock securely together. This expansion of the PTSM line of connectors. The official of Japan Automatic Machine Co. This IPrated connector can withstand the harshest of environments making . Unsubscribe from AVX Corporation. Our wire to wire connectors includes from 2mm pitch to over 6. Serie or other Wire-to-Wire products from Acal BFi UK.

C series – Wire to Wire connectors. With the IPrating, these connectors are impervious to dust and are . A of current per circuit,. MX1sealed connectors from Molex support low-level signal and power applications for on-engine commercial and off-road construction . They are used as electrical connectors, electronic connectors, and computer . Manufacturer of Wire to wire connectors : Dongguan WCON Hardware Electronics Co.

Customer designing their wire-to-wire power applications are looking for an inexpensive interconnect solution that enables easy swapping of male or female. Basically, I want to be able to swap hot ends . Hirose have introduced the DF62W Series for . One of the most widely used products when it comes to joining sections of circuits with another is the connectors.

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